Outreach Clinics in Jaffna District, the Northern Province, Sri Lanka

Project Outreach Clinics in Jaffna District, the Northern Province, Sri Lanka

To maintain the provision of basic health services for the new and old returnees in the resettlement area

Project Partners • Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA) • Ministry of Health and Nutrition, Sri Lanka • Regional Directorate of Health Services (RDHS) in Jaffna, Sri Lanka • Jaffna University, Community Medicine Faculty • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia

Regular outreach clinics at five selected locations

Locations Jaffna District, Northern Province, Sri Lanka ; Aaliyavalai, Allaipiddy, Eluvaitivu, Kaddaikkadu, Kervil, Mamunai, Uduththurai
Period February 2010 – June 2012

For the period of 1 year; 1 January – 31 December 2011, MERCY Malaysia have treated 18962 beneficiaries


Sri Lanka was in a state of civil war for the past 26 years prior to 2009. The civil conflict began in 1983, as a result of the insurgency by the state Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (the LTTE, also known as the Tamil Tigers) which fought to create an independent Tamil state in the north and east part of the island. The conflict ended in May 2009 after the LTTE was defeated by the Sri Lankan military.

For over 25 years, this civil war caused significant hardships for the environment, economy and especially the people of the country, with an estimated 80,000–100,000 people killed during its course. From March until December 2009, MERCY Malaysia provided relief aids at the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in Menik Farm, Vavuniya. However, since November 2009, the Sri Lankan Government allowed over 150,000 IDPs from Menik farm and 100,000 from other camps to return to their respective villages in the Northern Province which still lack proper medical care.


It is highly crucial to continue providing medical services in the villages as the process of resettlement is still ongoing and will set to continue into the next few years. MERCY Malaysia and CHA provide regular outreach clinics in five selected locations in Sri Lanka’s Jaffna District. This project has directed its focus to the vulnerable groups especially children and women in the community and has benefited more than 18500 individuals.