Outreach Clinics at Rural Locations in Sabah

Project Outreach Clinics at Rural Locations in Sabah

To provide basic medical screening, dental care, health education and promoting reproductive health to the villagers.

Project Partners UMW, together with: • PACOS Trust (Kampung Inarad, Kampung Balat) • Borneo Nature Tours (Kampung Sonsogon Magandai) • Sabah Forestry Department (Kampung Balat) • KFC Holdings Berhad (Kampung Balat)

• Providing basic medical care, eye screening and health screening • Performing medical follow-up on previous cases • Giving talks on hygiene and health • Giving talks on alcohol awareness • Dispensing hygiene kit to each family • Distributing colouring kits/toys/books to the children

Locations Kampung Inarad, Kampung Balat, Kampung Sonsogon Magandai
Period Kampung Inarad (20-22 August 2010) • Kampung Balat (5-7 November 2010) • Kampung Sonsogon Magandai (24-26 September 2010)

• A total of 567 beneficiaries was served: • Kampung Inarad – 204 • Kampung Balat – 186 • Kampung Sonsogon Magandai – 177


The selected villages are part of the seven hardcore poor districts in Sabah, which are also on the nation’s top list of hardcore poor areas. Access to health care facilities is difficult, where road infrastructure proves to be one of the many hurdles faced by these communities.


As most of these are repeat projects, MERCY Malaysia was able to perform some form of medical follow-up and see a stop in communicable diseases. The Sabah Chapter has built a rapport with some of the leaders of these communities and MERCY Malaysia’s projects are always warmly welcomed by them. These projects are also eye openers for young medical volunteers from outside the state who are posted here, who may now empathise why it is not easy for a patient from the interior to visit hospitals and other medical institutions.