Outreach Clinics at Rural Locations in Sarawak

Project Outreach Clinics at Rural Locations in Sarawak

Bringing medical services to the rural area of Sarawak

Project Partners UMW

• Providing basic medical care, eye screening and health screening • Performing medical follow-up on previous cases • Giving talks on hygiene and health • Distributing colouring kits/toys/books to the children

Locations In 2010, Sarawak Chapter carried out 6 visits at 5 locations: • Kampung Nyalau - 2 visits (2½ hour drive from Miri) • Kampung Tiris - 1 visit (1½ hour drive from Miri) • Kampung Kelulit - 1 visit (1½ hour drive from Miri) • Rumah Sanjan - 1 visit (2½ hour drive from Miri) • Long Singu - 1 visit (5 hours from Miri, 3½ hour from Asap, Belaga)
Period January–December 2010

Treated 823 beneficiaries through our outreach clinics


Due to transportation difficulties, many of the beneficiaries were not able to access medical services as often as the people in urban areas. The visit to Rumah Sanjan, Suai was done to provide medical relief after their longhouse burned down in August 2010. Long Singu also experienced a fire and both locations received fire risk reduction activities to complement their clinics.


80% of the beneficiaries sought the services for dental health care, particularly for tooth extractions. Most beneficiaries were found to suffer from hypertension and diabetes. They were previously unaware of their conditions until medical attention was brought to them.