Outreach Clinics in rural locations in Sarawak

Project Outreach Clinics in rural locations in Sarawak

To raise awareness on public and reproductive health issues and promote good hygiene practices amongst the communities

Project Partners Ministry of Health (MoH), Sarawak and UMW Holdings Bhd

• Basic medical and dental care • Medical follow-ups for villagers treated during previous visits • Hygiene kit distributions and hygiene education

Locations • Mission 1: Long Lellang and Long Benalih, Baram • Mission 2: Long houses in Sungai Genaan, Bintulu
Period • Mission 1 : 18 to 21 April 2012 • Mission 2 : 12 to 13 May 2012

A total of 290 villagers benefitted from both missions


Communities in Sarawak have reduced access to proper medical care due to their remote geographical location and the lack of road infrastructure, where some villages can only be accessed by 4-wheel drive vehicles. The journey to reach these communities takes between 7 and 8 hours and it depends on road and bridge conditions, which could be affected by the weather. In the Baram district, a small rural clinic provides pre-natal care, vaccinations and basic treatment for minor illnesses. This clinic is staffed by paramedics including a medical assistant and two community nurses. The Flying Doctor Services (FDS) visits the clinic every month. However, only limited medical care can be provided.


MERCY Malaysia’s medical team in Sarawak initiated the voluntary medical and dental visits to these areas in both April and May 2012. The visits were assisted by the MoH Sarawak, consisting of more than 10 volunteers, to Kampung Sungai Genaan, Bintulu and Baram districts. The outreach clinic provided free medical, dental and oral health check-ups for the community. In addition to check-ups; health promotions were conducted to raise awareness on improving sanitary and hygiene practices among local villagers.