Setup of Water Desalination Plant

Project Setup of Water Desalination Plant

• Provide clean water and reduce the water crisis in southern areas of the Gaza Strip. • Improve the social conditions of marginalised target groups through the provision of clean, drinkable water. • Reduce the spread of skin diseases and intestinal epidemics caused by the shortage of potable and clean water.

Project Partners Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation

• Dug a well in areas prime for supplying water to the desalination plant. • Built small stores to protect the desalination plant and to provide good storage areas for clean water. • Installed water desalination equipment and machines. • Tested the water desalination plant and subsequently produced potable and clean water. • Distributed potable and clean water to the marginalised poor areas of the city.

Locations Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, Palestine
Period March 2015 to February 2016

This project resulted in the construction of a water desalination plant at the centre of the municipality of Khan Younis, which ensured: • Provision of clean water to more than 200,000 people living in the southern areas of the Gaza Strip. • Distribution of clean water to an additional 50,000 people living in marginalised areas. • Reduction of water borne diseases