Pos Kemar Dental Outreach Clinic

Project Pos Kemar Dental Outreach Clinic

• To complement the current services provided by the Perak State Health Department, in particular dental and medical services for the population of Pos Kemar, especially amongst the adults • To promote good hygiene practices amongst the Orang Asli communities in Pos Kemar • To promote awareness of general health issues amongst the population

Project Partners Pharmaniaga Berhad

Outreach Dental Clinic

Locations Pos Kemar, Hulu Perak, Perak
Period July 2010 - April 2013

Two dental outreach clinics were conducted by MERCY Malaysia in 2013

Rancangan Pengumpulan Semula Kemar, also known as RPS
Kemar, is one out of three composite villages situated in Hulu
Perak. RPS Kemar is the largest among the three and it consists of
15 villages having a population of 3,544 people. The population is
predominantly Temiar. MERCY Malaysia has provided services to
these communities in RPS Kemar for the past three years since its
first clinic which began in 2010. These clinics provide the orang
asli (indigenous natives) in RPS Kemar with access to primary
health care services as well as dental services.

MERCY Malaysia’s efforts
Two clinics were organised in 2013, the first was held between
January 18 – 21 and followed by the second between April 19 –
21. They were manned by a total of 12 volunteers comprising four
dentists, three Dental Surgery Assistants (DSAs), four Pharmaniaga
volunteers and one MERCY Malaysia logistics volunteer. Each
mission lasted for four days with two days of clinic days. A total of
131 patients were seen in the two clinics. The two clinics were the
last for this outreach programme.

MERCY Malaysia decided to end the programme in RPS Kemar as
the area has developed tremendously in the years since MERCY
first started its operation there. At the beginning, RPS Kemar
had neither electricity nor a static clinic. However within two
years, these facilities are now in place. The beneficiaries of RPS
Kemar currently have access to basic facilities and amenities.
This programme has therefore realised its goals in both providing
healthcare as well as raising awareness on health