Primary Health Care/Outreach Clinic

Project Primary Health Care/Outreach Clinic

• To provide basic medical care, dental care, eye screening and pap smear tests for women • To perform medical follow-up on villagers seen and treated previously

Project Partners • PACOS Trust • Asian Forestry Company Sdn Bhd

• Comprehensive outreach clinic • Distribution of hygiene kits • Psychosocial activities for children

Locations Pitas, Telupid, Sandakan and Kota Marudu
Period • 17-19 June 2011 • 9-11 September 2011 • 28-30 October 2011 • 9-11 December 2011

1,336 communes from 4 districts were treated

With the support of UMW Holdings Bhd, an outreach
clinic was stationed at Pitas, Telupid, Sandakan and
Kota Marudu in a collaborative effort between MERCY
Malaysia and PACOS Trust together with Asian Forestry
Company Sdn Bhd. The chosen areas are part of the
poorest districts in Sabah, which lacks access to health
facilities due to poor road conditions.

MERCY Malaysia efforts
114 caring individuals from both medical and nonmedical
background had volunteered themselves for this
programme which provides a comprehensive outreach
clinic for the rural communities in Sabah. MERCY
Malaysia was also able to provide a medical follow-up on
some community members who have gone through the
check-up in previous programmes. A total of 1,336 people
benefitted from the four outreach clinics.
Apart from the outreach clinic, psychosocial activities
were also held for the children and hygiene kits consisting
amenities to promote good hygiene practices amongst
the community were distributed.