Primary Healthcare for Underprivileged in Sabah

Project Primary Healthcare for Underprivileged in Sabah
Project Partners
Locations Sabah
Period 2006


MERCY Malaysia continues to remain active on the home front running various health services, humanitarian aid, capacitybuilding and awareness raising programmes.
Primary Healthcare for Underprivileged in Sabah
In collaboration with the United Nations Childrenʼs Fund (UNICEF), MERCY Malaysia embarked on a project to provide primary healthcare to women and children from socially and economically marginalized communities in Sabah. A team was deployed in January to conduct preliminary assessments and we collaborated with the State Health Department and the
Federal Task Force (Sabah/Labuan).

Nine mobile primary healthcare clinics were conducted from March until September 2006 at:
1. Kampung Lok Urai, Pulau Gaya
2. Pulau Jampiras, Sandakan
3. Kampung Hidayat, Tawau
4. Kampung Selamat, Semporna
5. Pulau Mabul, Semporna
6. Tanjung Labian, Lahad Datu
7. Kampung Istimewa, Sandakan
8. Kampung Pengaraban, Kudat
9. Pulau Daat, Labuan

These mobile clinics drew large crowds as they provided access to much needed healthcare for these communities. A total of 3,514 women and children were treated at these mobile clinics where 6,500 hygiene kits were also distributed. A total of nine mobile clinics were conducted by volunteers throughout 2006.

Pulau Balambangan and Pulau Mantanani Besar

MERCY Malaysiaʼs Sabah chapter deployed a team to Pulau Balambangan and Pulau Mantanani Besar from 13th to 15th June, 2006. The team provided medical services to the communities living in the villages on the islands. 440 people were treated at the mobile clinics during this mission that was carried out in collaboration with the Royal Malaysian Navy.

Medical Camp on Maiga Island in Semporna
The Sabah Chapter conducted mobile clinics providing primary healthcare to 40 patients on Maiga Island in Semporna. During this mission, MERCY Malaysia was also assisted by volunteers from PETRONAS under the PETRONAS Volunteer Opportunity Programme (PVOP)

Medical Camp in Numbak Vision Centre, Kuala Menggatal

On 23rd September 2006, MERCY Malaysiaʼs medical team was deployed to Kampung Numbak in Kuala Menggatal to provide primary healthcare and dental care to the local community and to promote health awareness. This included basic health screening, medical consultation, dental services, and health talks. The project was carried out at the Numbak Vision Centre in Kampung Numbak.

The local residents responded well to the project and many came with their children. Most of the medical problems plaguing the community were related to poor sanitation and personal hygiene. These included upper respiratory tract infections, as well as diarrhoeal and skin diseases. Dental caries were also found to be widespread among the children. MERCY Malaysia was able to treat most of the patients with the primary healthcare our team administered and referred those who needed further medical attention to the nearest health facilities.