Psychological Counselling program

Project Psychological Counselling program

• Strengthen the psychosocial wellbeing of Islamic University of Gaza students along with other universities and public schools. • To provide psychosocial care and build psychological resilience among families living in areas of Gaza Strip. • Oer comprehensive community mental health services to adults and children who suer from mental health disorders and psychological stress

Project Partners The Faculty of Education Represented with Faculty of Medicine by (Centre of the Psychological counselling) – IUG

Implementation of Family Support Programme • Implementation of the Training and Rehabilitation Programme

Locations Gaza City
Period February 2015 to January 2016

Equipped the centre with a play room in order to make therapy available for children. • Oered comprehensive psychosocial services to 7,927 people who suer from mental health disorders and psychological stresses. • Provided 800 school students with psychological support and awareness raising activities, and 1, 604 people with comprehensive mental health and psychosocial services.