Psychological Support Program – 6th Year

Project Psychological Support Program – 6th Year

• Working on improving the psychosocial wellbeing of children. • Raising families’ awareness on dealing with their children’s psychosocial wellbeing. • Enhancing the psychological and counseling support for the community. • Increasing interaction and community participation in supporting the wellbeing of children. • Follow up on children requiring advanced treatments.

Project Partners Emaar Association for Development & Rehabilitation (Emaar Association).

Your Confident Counselor Program • Family Support Program • Comprehensive Psychological Services Program • Audiology & Speech Therapy Unit

Locations Khanyounis, Gaza , Palestine
Period 1st July 2014 to 30th June 2015

Total number of PSP beneficiaries for the year 2014 exceeded


For the 6th year running, the psychological support program had addressed the need of the communities in the southern governorates by adopting a community response approach. This program not only met the need of the community with psychological issues, but also helped build the capacities of school counsellors in alleviating the suffering of Palestinian families and children.


The Psychological Support Program (PSP) has proved to be a successful and affective approach in addressing the psychological needs of the people in the southern governorates, especially school and kindergarten children. In addition, trainings were conducted to build the capacity of school counselors and teachers in solving students psychological problems. There were four main activities implemented in the PSP, namely; • Your Confident Counselor Program This programme targeted 2,969 schoolchildren in 8 governmental schools in Khanyounis Governorates. Activities were conducted by the school teachers/ counsellors trained by Emaar. • Family Support Program 1,231 individuals from marginalized areas in the southern governorates benefited from this programme through a focus group discussion. • Comprehensive Psychological Services Program The Comprehensive Psychological Services Programme had more than 534 beneficiaries. This programme served the beneficiaries in 4 sub- activities: Counselling sessions, Follow up sessions, and Intelligence tests. • Audiology & Speech Therapy Unit This program consists of 8 different sub-activities and the total number of beneficiaries of Audiology and Speech Therapy Unit during the 2nd quarter of the 6th year was 589.