Psychosocial Program

Project Psychosocial Program

To cater to mental health needs of affected population in post conflict and disaster situations.

Project Partners Consortium Humanitarian Agencies (CHA)

• Talks by Dr Hariyati on topics such as Psychological First Aid and role-plays • Training on Intervention skills and techniques when working with adolescence

Locations Jaffna, Sri Lanka
Period 18th till 20th February 2014

Trained government officials on intervention skills and techniques for mental health and psychosocial support service


Following the conflict and tsunami afflicted Jaffna District, MERCY Malaysia identified a need for psychosocial interventions in villages where primary medical support was provided. Records showed many patients with psychosomatic complaints sought psychosocial interventions.

MERCY Malaysia efforts

Psychosocial interventions is one of MERCY Malaysia’s developmental programmes that is conducted with the provisions of various trainings and workshops. In collaboration with the Consortium Humanitarian Agencies (CHA), the training conducted was in the area of “Intervention skills and techniques when working with adolescence” in a school setting for school counsellors.