Psychosocial Support Programmes

Project Psychosocial Support Programmes

• To enhance and support the counselling services offered to the affected communities • To provide psychosocial care and build psychosocial resilience among families especially those who live in the affected areas

Project Partners Emaar for Development and Rehabilitation

• Family Support Programme • Your Confident Counsellor Programme • Basma Centre for Audiology and Speech Therapy • Comprehensive Psychosocial Services Programme • Psychosocial Support for the Orphan Families

Locations Al-Amal Centre for Psychosocial Care and Consultation-Khan Younis, Gaza Strip
Period July 2011 to June 2012

• A total of 2,076 families benefitted from this programme • Comprehensive services to 666 patients were successfully provided • Opening of the audiology and speech unit, which provided service for 978 cases • 986 students benefitted from the Student Support Programme


Al-Amal Centre for Psychosocial Care and Consultation was established in July 2009, by both Emaar Association for Development and Rehabilitation and MERCY Malaysia. With the aim of reducing the suffering that caused by the conflict in Gaza, by offering a comprehensive psychological care programme for people in need.


Five special programmes have been successfully implemented by our partner (Al-Amal Centre) from July 2011 to June 2012, to support our beneficiaries in Gaza Strip.

Family support programme A much needed psychosocial care programme was provided to families living in ‘hot’ zones in the Southern area of the Gaza Strip. Recreational activities were designed and carried- out to help children participate in group activities under the supervision of Al-Amal Centre professionals. The activities were designed to allow children at the centre to deal with and eliminate stress caused by fear and traumatic events they have experienced.

Your Confident Counsellor Programme The programme addresses the psychological needs of children in 10 schools under the Khan Yunis Governorate, empowering school counsellors by enhancing their capacity in dealing with emotionally distressed children. Teachers and parents were involved in providing resources to help the school counsellors.

Basma Centre The audio and speech therapy programme continues its work supporting children with special needs. The centre has received many new cases and has registered many success stories from previous participants of the programme.

Comprehensive Psychosocial Service Programme Cases from other programmes in need of further psychological interventions are referred to the centre where psychosocial services inclusive of counseling, psychotherapy, home visits and psychological testing are provided.

Psychosocial Support for the Families of Orphan The psychosocial support programme is targeted at widows to help them to deal positively with their change in status. Through this programme, they have a personal consultation sessions where they can speak about various problems: including depression, nervousness, aggressive behaviour, anxiety and psychological stress.