Reconstruction of Ampan Divisional Hospital in Jaffna

Project Reconstruction of Ampan Divisional Hospital in Jaffna

• To reconstruct and equip the provincial health centre in Ampan • To strengthen the health services of the whole eastern part of Jaffna

Project Partners • Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA) • Ministry of Health and Nutrition, Sri Lanka • Regional Directorate of Health Services in Jaffna, Sri Lanka • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia (donor)

• Procurement of the hospital equipment • Reconstruct and upgrade Ampan hospital through refurbishment works • Handover of the hospital

Locations Ampan, Jaffna District, Northern Province, Sri Lanka
Period February 2010 – August 2011

• The refurbished Ampan hospital will serve around 10,000 beneficiaries from the surrounding area • The refurbishment includes, outpatient department and dispensary, maternity ward , labour room, well and water pump among others

Northern Sri Lanka is now in need of support from
international community to reconstruct and re-equip
their health facilities since most of them were destroyed
during the war. Being abandoned for so many years, the
divisional hospital that should have been able to provide
maternity care and primary health care to the people in
Ampan was unable to function for a long time due to the
damage that was caused both by tsunami in 2004 and
the conflict.

MERCY Malaysia efforts
MERCY Malaysia, funded by the Malaysian Ministry
of Foreign Affairs, worked together with our partners
Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA) and the
Ministry of Healthcare of Sri Lanka to refurbish the
of the main outpatient department block, maternity
ward, nurse/midwives and doctor’s quarters along with
the donation of medical equipments and furniture. This
project was completed in August 2011 and an official
handover ceremony was carried out on 21 October 2011.
Ampan hospital will benefit 10,000 beneficiaries from the
surrounding area.