Reconstruction of Nasunogan Elementary School

Project Reconstruction of Nasunogan Elementary School

• To build an earthquake and typhoon resilient school • To provide a building that functions as an evacuation centre during natural disasters

Project Partners Nasunogan Elementary School, Department of Education

Reconstruction of main building which involved: • Designs that incorporates anti-seismic and anti-typhoon elements to the building structure • Planning • Work implementation • Monitoring & Supervising

Locations Barangay Nasunogan, Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines
Period April – November 2014

Three-block typhoon and earthquake resistant school building.


The Nasunogan Elementary School was severely damaged by Typhoon Haiyan which damaged all four blocks of the school. Two out of four of main buildings lost their roofs while the other two blocks sustained damages in the roof structure that included frames and beams due to the typhoon. With the assistance of barangay workers, MERCY Malaysia rehabilitated the damaged building which helped the school to be operational by the third week of December. The rehabilitation work that was done by MERCY Malaysia was purely structural and was organized quickly in order to assist the school conduct classes as soon as as it could. There were 93 out of 97 schools in Ormoc that were damaged by Typhoon Haiyan. Nasunogan Elementary School was one of the schools that was severely damaged. All four blocks consisting of 7 classrooms were badly damaged. Five classrooms sustained total damage with the other two only experiencing partial damage. MERCY Malaysia rehabilitated the school as a part of its emergency response and to protect the school from to future disasters. Nasunogan Elementary School was initially built with wooden structures and was not typhoon resilient. It became the only public structure other than barangay hall that was used as an evacuation center in the barangay. MERCY Malaysia subscribes to the “Building Back Better” concept and believed that the school should be reconstructed to be able to sustain natural disasters such as typhoons which were a common phenomenon in Philippines.


MERCY Malaysia reconstructed a total of three new building blocks. There are a total of 4 classrooms, 1 teacher’s room, 1 laboratory, 1 library and 7 toilets in the three blocks. Each block is connected by a covered walkway. MERCY Malaysia also upgraded one current block of the school building which consists of three classrooms. The canteen of the school was also renovated in order to accommodate more students. All of the rooms were fitted with lightings. The building was able to be utilized by the beneficiaries immediately after the completion of the construction phase. 246 students and 8 teachers in Nasunogan Elementary School now has a safer and a more comfortable learning and teaching environment. The community of Barangay Nasunogan now also has access to a strong and durable evacuation centre built for future disasters.