Reconstruction and rehabilitation projects in Aceh

Project Reconstruction and rehabilitation projects in Aceh
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MERCY Malaysia continued its reconstruction and rehabilitation projects in Aceh and Nias following the Indian Ocean Tsunami and earthquake in 2004. When an earthquake struck Central Java in May 2006, we responded and provided
emergency and humanitarian aid to the communities affected in Yogjakarta.


In 2006, MERCY Malaysia successfully completed several construction projects in Aceh that we had started the previous year. This included two community health centres or Pusat Kesihatan Masyarakat (PUSKESMAS): PUSKESMAS
Meuraxa and PUSKESMAS PANGA; as well as two orphanages – Sukamakmur and Kayee Kunyit – that each comprised a hostel and academic block. Additionally, with the increase in number of orphans as a result of the Tsunami, MERCY
Malaysia assisted two orphanages through the rebuilding of new academic blocks at the Daruzzahidin and Babun Najah Orphanage Centres.

Rehabilitation of a nursing college, Akademi Perawatan (AKPER) Depkes and construction of a nursing academy block at the Universitas Syiah Kuala Banda Acheh (UNSYIAH) was also completed in 2006. The construction of the nursing
academy was made possible through a contribution from Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)


MERCY Malaysia was appointed by Badan Rekontruksi and Rehabilitasi (BRR) in Indonesia to manage the masterplan for the reconstruction of the Rumah Sakit Umum (RSU) Gunung Sitoli in Nias (Gunung Sitoli Hospital – the main referral
hospital in Nias). This project is currently in progress. We became the fi rst organisation to receive a grant from the multidonor Recovery of Aceh and Nias Trust Fund (RNTF) for the rebuilding of Phase 1 & 2.

2006 saw the completion of the reconstruction of two community health centres that we had commenced the previous year. The PUSKESMAS Plus Awaʼi was completed in July 2006 and launched on 28th August 2006, while PUSKESMAS
Gido was completed in December 2006 and handed over to Dinas Kesihatan Nias in the same month. Both centres also received a donation of one dental set unit each.

MERCY Malaysia also ran primary healthcare services at the PUSKESMAS Plus Awaʼi during the launch and provided dental and circumcision services.