Revising Local Action Plan and Empowering Journalists on Information Dissemination

Project Revising Local Action Plan and Empowering Journalists on Information Dissemination

• Strengthening the Local Government Disaster Management System • Build commitment from local government in mainstreaming DRR • Build support system through media to ensure proper implementation of disaster management plans

Project Partners Komunitas Siaga Tsunami (KOGAMI)

• Defining lessons learned from the previous disaster management system and ways forward in disaster management • Revising Local Action Plan • Developing Support System through Media

Locations Padang, Indonesia
Period April 2010 - March 2011

• Local Action Plan revised • Disaster Preparedness Journalist Network trained and formed • Journalist handbook on Disaster Management published


In September 2009, Padang was hit by a 7.6 magnitude earthquake that sent shockwaves across the region. MERCY Malaysia responded to the earthquake and following the emergency response, a partnership was formed with Komunitas Siaga Tsunami (KOGAMI) which focused on a long-term plan for disaster risk management. It was agreed that a revision of the Local Action Plan on DRR was needed based on the lessons learned in the disaster.


With a view towards strengthening the Local Government Disaster Management system, MERCY Malaysia and KOGAMI supported the process of revising the DRR Local Action Plan together with local authorities and other stakeholders.

The media was also seen as an essential component in disaster risk management as they are able to spread the awareness on DRR in a wider scale. With that in mind, MERCY Malaysia provided support and input for the Journalist Network Disaster Preparedness training and workshop. The journalist handbook on disaster management was also published containing guidelines on the proper methods and ethics in disseminating information about disasters.