Sarawak Chapter Outreach Clinic Programme – Batang Ai

Project Sarawak Chapter Outreach Clinic Programme - Batang Ai

• Provision of primary health services to target communities who have limited access to health facilities • To address the health and hygiene needs of the communities in order to reduce the occurrence of water-borne diseases • To address the dental- and optical-related needs of the community

Project Partners Ng Sumpa, Batang Ai, Sarawak

• Medical screening including BMI-BP-Cholesterol-Blood Glucose Test • Pap smear tests and breast checks • Primary health services • Dental services • Eyesight tests and provision of prescription glasses • Health and hygiene education sessions and the distribution of hygiene kits • Provision of practical information on fire prevention, and a demonstration on how to properly operate a fire extin guisher, by personnel from the fire department

Locations Ng Sumpa, Batang Ai, Sarawak
Period 1 – 4 November 2013

• Medical: 150 patients • Pap Smear: 42 women • Dental: 49 patients • Hygiene Kits: 300 kits • Prescription glasses: 56 persons • Fire Extinguishers: 18 units for 6 long houses


The Ng Sumpa Longhouse as well as five additional longhouses are predominantly located in an Iban area where the people are self-sufficient farmers and boat operators. The villages are connected by river and the people travel by longboats to reach the school and main road at Batang Ai Dam. The nearest government clinic, at Ng Delok, is a 40-minute boat ride away.


21 volunteers from MERCY Malaysia’s Sarawak Chapter and headquarters, UNIMAS and the local fire department participated in the outreach mission from 1 – 4 November 2013. The journey from Kuching took 3 hours and 40 minutes by bus and another 1 hour 40 minutes by long boat. This was the first mission for the Sarawak Chapter at the Ng Sumpa longhouse.

A total of 150 patients of all ages were registered for evaluation and treatment by the MERCY Malaysia medical team during the mission. They were mainly villagers from Ng Sumpa, Ng Jambu and Ng Delok. From the evaluation and medical screening sessions, the common diseases diagnosed among the villages are musculoskeletal pain, gastritis, malnourishment, asthma, eczema, respiratory infection and anaemia. 42 Pap smear tests were conducted by the volunteers from the Sarawak Family Planning Unit while the dental team treated 49 patients. A 56 prescription glasses were distributed to beneficiaries who will use the glasses for reading their prayer books, repairing fishing nets and handicraft work. 300 hygiene kits were also distributed after the health and hygiene education session. In order to tackle the problem of uncontrolled long house fires, MERCY Malaysia in collaboration with representatives from the Fire Department (Balai Bomba) of Sri Aman conducted a fire prevention exercise with the communities from all six surrounding long houses. The heads of the long houses were then given fire extinguishers to be placed in strategic locations for future use.