Sarawak Clinic Reconstruction

Project Sarawak Clinic Reconstruction

To restore functionality to the clinics that serve over a thousand villagers, MERCY Malaysia together with Air Asia Foundation surveyed the damage and decided to carry out vital remedial works. These included replacement of two electrical power generators, reconstruction of waiting areas complete with benches, a new Gazebo, a floating pontoon jetty complete with movable ramp and hand railings, as well as concrete walkways with lighting leading to the jetty.

Project Partners Air Asia Foundation
Locations Klinik Kesihatan Long Panai, and Klinik Kesihatan Long Bemang.
Period The extensive reconstruction took 6 months to complete with a budget allocation of RM 177,400.00

There are about 3,214 beneciaries received the services from these two government local clinics and will get benefit from this clinics facilities reconstruction project.