Sarawak Fire Relief

Project Sarawak Fire Relief

Humanitarian aid to communities affected by Sarawak fire.

Project Partners -

MERCY Malaysia Sarawak Chapter together with few volunteers were in attendance for 2 days at site to distribute 36 pax food items and 240 hygiene kits which included bath soap, tooth brushes, toothpaste, shampoo, laundry bars, towels and sarongs. The moral support for the devastated families was much appreciated by the beneficiaries.

Locations Rumah Maruan, Nanga Tada, Kanowit, Guyu, Nanga Ukum and Batang Ai
Period June 2015

Aid was delivered by MERCY Malaysia Sarawak Chapter on 12th September 2015. The team of 3 volunteers and 1 MERCY Malaysia Programme Ocer were deployed for the distribution. 180 people from 32 families received 32 pax of food items which consist of rice, sugar, coee, sardines, cooking oil and seasoning together with 180 pax hygiene kits for the beneficiaries.