Sarawak Flood Response

Project Sarawak Flood Response
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Aid was delivered to 481 doors of beneciaries in Ulu Baram, one of the badly aected areas in Miri Division. Villagers who had received the hygiene kits and food items were the Kayan communities in Long Bemang 250 doors, Long Atip 120 doors, Kenyah communities in Long Wat 80 doors and 31 doors of Penan communities in Long Buang who are living along the Apoh river. Besides, beneficiaries who live along the Tutoh river were also given hygiene kits and food items. Villages acted by the ood were Long Panai 120 doors, Long Pahlo 50 doors and Long Ukok 30 doors.

Locations Apoh, Tutoh and Baram
Period February 2015