To provide the villagers with adequate medical care despite the fact that they live in seclusion.

Project Partners -

Conducted Medical Screening and General Health Awareness, Eye Examinations, Dental Treatment, and Community Service.

Locations Sarawak
Period 2004

Over 2600 cases were seen from our missions in these villages, involving 34 volunteers.


Deep in the jungles of Sarawak dwell many indigenous communities, such as the Kayans and the Penans. Far and isolated from towns and cities, their link to modern medical facilities takes them through long journeys on longboats and by foot. Their seclusion means that they only leave the villages when the medical condition is acute and immediate medical treatment needed.

Medical Screening and General Health Awareness

We set up mobile clinics in the longhouses and community halls and carried out medical screenings. To enhance general health awareness, our volunteer doctors and nurses gave health and hygiene talks to both adults and children.

Eye Examinations

It was literally a gift of sight for many when MERCY Malaysia distributed 300 pairs of reading glasses to the people living in the deep jungles of Sarawak. Optical equipment was brought into the villages so that our volunteers could conduct thorough eye examinations.

Dental Treatment

Our dentists set up dental clinics, conducted dental screenings, treatment and and oral health education, giving simple demonstrations on tooth brushing to the children, which they enjoyed.

Community Service

Our Sarawak Outreach Programmes also gave us the opportunity to spread communal joy through community services, such as gotong royong, donating clothes, distributing toys to the children and organising colouring activities.