Shelter Repair Kit

Project Shelter Repair Kit

• Provide a fast and appropriate shelter solution for the affected beneficiaries • To control the sudden increase in respiratory illnesses caused by exposure to the elements due to inadequate shelter options • To address the protection and security concerns of the beneficiaries through the immediate rehabilitation of the damaged houses

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Shelter Repair Kit Distribution

Locations Leyte Island
Period November - December 2013

320 Shelter Repair Kits distributed to families whose homes were completely destroyed


The majority of the shelter needs of communities affected by Typhoon Haiyan remain unmet in Western Leyte. Although the typhoon caused severe, and in many cases, total damage to houses in the interior barangays (villages), the affected communities have demonstrated a high level of resilience and have chosen to reside in their own barangays rather than transferring to evacuation sites. Those whose houses sustained severe or total damage now reside in neighbouring houses or in the houses of their relatives while slowly repairing/rehabilitating their own homes.


As such, MERCY Malaysia embarked on a shelter rehabilitation initiative to meet the need of the affected communities with the
following goals in mind:
1. Develop an assessment tool kit with qualitative and quantitative indicators to be used in the identification of the degree of
damage to houses of the target community
2. Design a Shelter Repair Kit that is sufficient to address the basic needs of households whose houses are totally destroyed, and ensure the kit is diverse enough to supplement the recovery efforts of households with severe partial damage
3. Establish a tracking system to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the proposed project The Shelter Repair Kit contained essential materials and tools that can be used for the construction of a basic house structure or as a supplementary kit to enhance a damaged structure. The kit was designed to be versatile enough to serve the needs of families whose houses have either been partially or totally damaged. Barangay Nasunogan was identified as the first barangay to receive the Shelter Repair Kits based on shelter assessment carried out by the technical team. The result of the shelter damage assessment in Barangay Nasunogan showed that majority of the houses sustained severe damage to the entire house. MERCY Malaysia distributed more than 320 Shelter Repair Kits in Barangay Nasunogan to families whose houses were either totally damaged or suffered severe damage. The barangay consists of seven smaller units called puroks. Thus, the distribution was carried out in stages and took two weeks to complete.