Shelter Repair Kit

Project Shelter Repair Kit

Distribution of shelter repair kit in Barangay Nasunogan

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Procurement of shelter repair kit mater

Locations Barangay Nasunogan, Ormoc, Leyte
Period February 2014

Distributed more than 320 Shelter Repair Kits in Barangay Nasunogan


Nasunogan is a barangay in Valencia District with 520 households. There are 7 purok in Barangay Nasunugan. The majority of the population are farmers. Almost all of the crops (coconut, sugar cane) were destroyed during the typhoon. There was no evacuation center in the barangay. The affected population shared houses with their relatives in the area since their houses were totally damaged. They also lived in makeshift shacks that were made out of existing materials from their damaged house. There were only about 30% of the population that had the means to repair their houses.


MERCY Malaysia embarked on a shelter rehabilitation initiative to meet the needs of the affected communities. The Shelter Repair Kit contained essential materials and tools that can be used in the construction of a basic house structure or as a supplementary kit to enhance a damaged structure. The kit was designed to be versatile enough to serve the needs of families whose houses have either been partially or totally damaged. MERCY Malaysia distributed more than 320 Shelter Repair Kits in Barangay Nasunogan to families whose houses were either totally damaged or suffered severe damages. The barangay consists of 7 smaller units called Puroks. The distribution was carried out in stages and took 2 weeks to complete.