Sri Lanka Floods

Project Rebuilding of a Primary School in Akuressa
Project Partners

The Disaster
When heavy floods rising as high as 12 feet swept through
the districts of Ratnapura, Galle, Kalutara, Matara and
Hambantota in May 2003, they seized countless lives and
homes. The destruction caused much hardship and loss of

Our Response
In 2003, MERCY Malaysia’s initial response was to provide
emergency medical relief, which served over 10,000 men,
women and children in mobile clinics set up within the districts
of Ratnapura, Matara, Galle and Hambantota.

Humanitarian Aid Project in 2004:

Rebuilding of a Primary School in Akuressa
Our team identified a primary school in Akuressa that
needed rebuilding and for the year 2004, much of our
aid was channelled towards this project. The Assadat
Mahavidhiyaleyek School, housed in a one thousand year
old mud building collapsed in the aftermath of the fl oods
and landslides, and was made inhabitable. RM170,076 was
disbursed for the rebuilding of the school.

The project completed in September and was officially
launched in October by the High Commissioner of Malaysia
in Sri Lanka H.E. Nazirah Hussein and MERCY Malaysia’s
President, Datuk Dr. Jemilah Mahmood.

MERCY Malaysia also equipped the school by providing
school chairs and desks. The library was also outfi tted
with books, recorders, cassettes and maps. For the Home
Science Lab, we equipped it with an oven, stove and kitchen
utensils. MERCY Malaysia’s staff and volunteers also helped
the school village by erecting a new water tank there.
During the launching ceremony in October, we also donated
Gift of Hope schoolbags, with hopes that new relationships
and ties will be built between Sri Lankan and Malaysian
students. A total of 250 bags were distributed to the
schoolchildren in Akuressa.

Rebuilding of Bridge in Deniyaya
The Deniyaya village bridge connects three villages, namely
Waralla, Porupitiya and Pelawatta. Since its collapse, the local
communities constructed a fl imsy makeshift bridge made of
bamboo as a temporary measure. As part of our contribution
to the community, MERCY Malaysia is constructing a new
concrete bridge for the villagers who are dependent upon
this as their only link to the mainland.