Static Clinic, Sittwe, Rakhine

Project Static Clinic, Sittwe, Rakhine

• To provide primary health care to affected communities in Sittwe, Rakhine in Myanmar • To strengthen the local health system by being part of the health system under Rakhine State Health Department

Project Partners Muslim Aid UK

Providing primary health care including free consultation and medication, health education and referral services at the following camps and resettlement villages: 1. Baw Du Pha ( 1) 2. Baw Du Pha (2) 3. Kaung Doke Khar 4. Set Yoe Kya 5. Set Yone Su 6. Set Yone Su ( 3) or Det Si Tan

Locations Sittwe, Rakhine State, Myanmar
Period Nov 2012 to Dec 2013

• 47,458 patients were treated in 2013 • By providing on the job training and coaching, the Community Health Workers (CHW) became the focal point of our medical service especially for the communities with limited access to health care due to security reasons. • The CHW tasks include crowd control, registration, health education, wound cleaning and dressing, translation in consultation and dispensing of medicine • The medical team participated in Health Clusters and Weekly State Health Coordination meetings. In addition to providing primary health care, submitting daily cases and health surveillance reports, the medical team also provided referral services to Dar Paing Emergency Hospital and Sittwe General Hospital • The medical team also participated in an immunisation programme as requested by Rakhine State Health Department


As of August 2013, there were 176,000 people in need, 140,000 displaced and 79,000 relocated in Rakhine. In Sittwe, there is an increase in the number of displaced people from 70,000 to 95,372.


Since October 2012, MERCY Malaysia has been operating in Sittwe. The Rakhine State Health Department requested MERCY Malaysia to support its medical teams as it is very difficult for MOH to deploy medical doctors to serve in Rakhine. MERCY Malaysia’s medical team started to serve the affected community in November 2012.

The partnership with Muslim Aid UK started in May 2013 and ended in October 2013. In August 2013, in view of the effectiveness of our medical team, the State Health Director expressed his request for MERCY Malaysia’s medical team to continue to serve in Sittwe as the team is well accepted by the affected communities in Sittwe.

Our programme is in-line with the goal of Rakhine Response Plan: The primary goal of the Humanitarian Country team’s response in Rakhine State is to support the Government’s efforts in providing humanitarian assistance to all communities impacted by the 2012 inter-communal violence across Rakhine State.

Strategic objectives:
1. A linked approach to humanitarian, recovery and development strategies and activities in the State is applied.
2. All activities strive to achieve durable solutions considering conflict-sensitive approaches and complementing Governmentled efforts with adherence to international standards and principles.