Static Clinic

Project Static Clinic

To provide free essential healthcare service to the communities in Mogadishu

Project Partners Aden Abdule Foundation (AAF)

• Primary healthcare • Provide medical referral • Health education

Locations Yaqshid, Mogadishu
Period 20 April – 30 September 2013

A total of 9852 patients, comprising 3356 male patients and 6496 female patients were treated

The continuing civil war in Somalia, which has lasted for 22 years
especially in the southern part of the country, has caused the
displacement of many people from their homes. The estimated
number of displaced persons is approximately around 1.5 million,
most of whom are mothers, children and old people.

MERCY Malaysia’s efforts
The static clinic is an ongoing process which began in January
2012, and which, up to now, has benefitted around 40,000
patients approximately. Most of the beneficiaries are returnees
and residents in the Yaqshid district, one of the largest districts in
the capital, Mogadishu. MERCY Malaysia in collaboration with
Aden Abdulle Foundation has become one of the most trusted
local agencies which have successfully implemented primary
healthcare facilities, as well as providing medical referrals and
health education.

Based on the medical evaluation report, respiratory tract infections
remain the most common disease, with 25% of our patients being
treated for it. 12.4% were treated for urinary tract infections. Skin
infections and suspected malaria were the third most common
diseases which comprises 11.9% and 4.8% of the case loads
respectively. Previously, cases of urinary tract infections were
higher but have declined gradually as a result of the on-going
daily health education efforts.