Supplementary Feeding Programme

Project Supplementary Feeding Programme

• To eradicate malnutrition in Barangay Bagong Buhay with the aid of wet feeding and dry rations for three months • To improve healthy eating among the beneciaries after the program ended

Project Partners • Barangay Health Workers (BHW) of Ipil District • Department of Health, Ormoc City

Twice a week of wet feeding activities • Nutrition talks to caregivers • Distribution of weekly dry nutri-packs • Monthly weight recording

Locations Barangay Bagong Buhay, Ormoc City
Period 7th January – 27th March , 2015

Conducted 24 wet feeding sessions in Barangay for 52 beneciaries of 6 months – 5 years old • Distributed Nutri packs every after wet feeding session to 52 beneciaries in Barangay Bagong Buhay • Conducted “Pabasang Nutrisyon” every wet feeding season • Provided medical consultation by the City Health Department and a culmination activity were provided