Thailand Flood Response

Project Thailand Flood Response

• To conduct a rapid needs assessment to identify the needs and gaps of the affected communities • Conduct an immediate response once gaps have been identified and approval from HQ granted

Project Partners YMCA, REEDE, FOPDEV, Provincial Red Cross of Chainat

Distribution of mosquito nets and blankets

Locations Bangkok (assessment), Chainat and Singburi
Period 30 October – 12 November 2011

Distributed 2,000 sets of mosquito nets and blankets in the provinces of Chainat and Singburi


Last year, Thailand experienced its worst flood in recent years. Severe flooding occurred during the 2011 monsoon season beginning at the end of July, triggered by the Tropical Storm Nock-ten. Flooding soon spread through the provinces of Northern, North-eastern and Central Thailand. In October, floodwaters reached the Chao Phraya and inundated parts of the capital city of Bangkok. Flooding persisted in some areas until midJanuary 2012. Sixty five of Thailand’s 77 provinces were declared flood disaster zones and over 20,000 square kilometres of farmland was damaged. On 30 October 2011, MERCY Malaysia deployed a twomember assessment team to assess the situation and to organise an immediate response if required. The team conducted assessments in the flood affected areas of Bangkok, Chainat and Singburi. The main gaps identified by the team were the lack of mosquito nets and blankets for the flood victims. These were important items as the cold season was beginning to set in and the risk of vectorborne disease drastically increases once the flood water stagnates.

MERCY Malaysia distributed 2,000 sets of blankets and mosquito nets at the province of Chainat and Singburi. This was done with the help of Rural Elderly Entrepreneurship Development Association (REEDA), The Provincial Red Cross of Chainat and Foundation for Older Persons Development (FOPDEV).