The Darfur Conflict

Project Kerinding 2 Pre-School

MERCY Malaysia undertook the construction of the pre-school. The structure was constructed in the form of Sudanese huts, bearing in mind the comfort of students, trainers and the needs of schoolroom activities.

Project Partners Sudanese Ministry of Education

Construction of the pre-school.

Locations Kerinding 2 IDP camp located in El Geneina
Period 2004

MERCY Malaysia’s mission in Sudan was made successful with the dedication of 24 members, comprising doctors, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, dieticians, logisticians, engineers, architect, educationists and staff.


MERCY Malaysia set up a Pre-School for children between 4-6 years old at Kerinding 2 IDP camp located in El Geneina. We launched on 27th November 2004 and registered 350 children. MERCY Malaysia collaborated with the Sudanese Ministry of Education in devising the programme for the pre-school. We also included activities such as play therapy, art therapy and music therapy. MERCY Malaysia deployed volunteer educationists and clinical psychologists to train local Sudanese to become facilitators in the pre-school with the prospects of managing the school on their own.