Turkey Earthquake Relief and Food Distribution

Project Turkey Earthquake Relief and Food Distribution

• To carry out assessment on health, needs and damages as a result of the disaster • To identify how MERCY Malaysia can respond to the situation

Project Partners Doctors World Wide (DWW) Turkey

• Health, needs and damages assessment • Staple food distribution

Locations Van, Turkey
Period October-November 2011

• Food was distributed to 990 beneficiaries (Budget USD 40,000)


The 7.1 magnitude earthquake which struck eastern Turkey near the city of Van in October 2011 caused heavy damage to the city as well as the neighbouring parts of South Caucasus and Levant. At least 25 buildings collapsed and the condition worsened due to cold weather. According to Disasters and Emergency Situations Directorate of Turkey AFAD, the total number of casualties reached a total of 601 people and 1,452 more were injured. Approximately 60,000 people lost their homes and belongings.


MERCY Malaysia sent an assessment team to Van, Turkey from 29 October until 10 November 2011 to determine the needs of the earthquake-hit community and plan for a response. Following the assessment, MERCY Malaysia distributed staple food which reached 990 beneficiaries.