Upgrading of Oral Health Centre

Project Upgrading of Oral Health Centre

• To improve the quality of the delivery as well as coverage of the general medical services of the health centre • To promote and disseminate best hygiene practices and health education to the surrounding communities

Project Partners NA

• Upgrading of the health centre’s facilities through minor refurbishment works • Equipping the health centre with relevant medical items, drugs and supplement • Strengthening the existing referral system by handing over an ambulance • Conducting monthly Outreach Programme (OP) sessions to a selected number of villages surrounding the Oral Health Centre (HC)

Locations Oral District, Kampong Speu Province
Period April 2010 – June 2011

• Handed over a second-hand ambulance, model STAREX Series 2005, complete with relevant accessories and a unit of motorcycle to the health centre for staff to use during the monthly OP • 17,752 participants attended the OP • Distributed, 25,410 packs of iodised salt, 17,742 bars of soap, 1, 560 pieces of towels, 150 sarongs and 150 shawls (for mothers who delivered at the Oral HC)

Oral District is located in the northwest of Kampong
Speu province. The district is scattered vastly into five
communities and 69 villages with a total population of
20,217 people.
Previously, the health centre only caters to outpatient
treatments and due to the road conditions and distance,
referral of critical cases to bigger hospitals is usually
costly and difficult. In early 2000, cases of malaria were
rather common due to poor conditions of the health
centre and lack of health awareness among members of
the community.

MERCY Malaysia efforts
MERCY Malaysia upgraded the facilities of the Oral
HC which includes the installation of solar panel,
construction of a new building for pre-delivery check-ups
and installation of drainage system among other things.
MERCY Malaysia also donated an ambulance for critical
cases that need to be referred to a medical centre like
the Provincial Hospital in Kampong Speu or the General
Hospital in Phnom Penh.

Monthly OP in 26 of the 69 villages in the Oral District
was conducted for villagers to be aware of better hygiene
practices and common health issues. These programmes,
conducted with the cooperation of the Provincial Health
Department of the Oral District and the HC staff, covered
topics such as malaria, birth preparedness, general
hygiene and breastfeeding as well as complimentary

MERCY Malaysia also handed over three batches of drugs
(on top of the two which was handed over in 2010) and
some medical equipment which includes patient beds,
weighing scale, centrifuge and other relevant equipment.
Awareness Raising Programme for Traditional Birth
Attendants (TBAs) was also held covering topics such
as birth spacing, post-natal care, vaccination, etc. The
programme was attended by 225 TBAs who in turn
trained a total of 2, 640 women in the surrounding areas.