Vocational Training Centre (VTC)

Project Vocational Training Centre (VTC)

To equip needy women, particularly widows and women heading-families, with skills allowing them to better fend for themselves economically

Project Partners • Department of Social Affairs and Women Affairs • UN World Food Programme (WFP)

• Training in tailoring, embroidery, carpet weaving and handicraft • Training in basic accounting, management and marketing techniques • Upon completion of the course, to provide the graduates with certificates and tools related to their newly-acquired skills

Locations Kandahar City
Period Ongoing since 2003

• Since its inception, 633 trainees have graduated from the VTC • In 2010, 72 trainees completed their respective courses in April and 58 in October


Although the conflict in Afghanistan has affected the population as a whole, women who make up close to 50% of the population have suffered the most. A large number of widows and female heads of the families do not have access to livelihood development.


Initially set up at the request of the Department of Social Affairs and Women Affairs, the VTC has ten staff, including four female trainers and a project manager in charge of administration, communication and security. Both trainees and trainers receive food aid once every two months courtesy of World Food Programme (WFP). The VTC has received many commendations from the Department of Social Affairs and Women Affairs and has been used as an example of successful capacity building for women in the community. The majority of graduates go on to find work in other NGOs, cottage industries and private enterprises or factories where they are paid either on commission or wage basis. This can mean a substantial increase to their family income and empowers them in the current climate of war and uncertainty.