WASH Project – Water Filtration System for flood affected communities

Project WASH Project – Water Filtration System for flood affected communities

To provide clean drinking water to communities affected

Project Partners • Rural Elderly Entrepreneurship Development Association (REEDA) • Foundation for Older Persons Development (FOPDEV) • The Provincial Red Cross of Chainat

Built water filtration systems in two provinces

Locations Chainat and Singburi provinces, Bangkok
Period May to August 2012

11 water filter systems were installed in 11 villlages (6 in Chainat and 5 in Singburi)


The worst flood affecting Thailand in recent times, caused over 800 deaths and affected 13.6 million people. The flood was caused by heavy monsoon and tropical storms, and struck the heartland area of Bangkok in July 2011 and lasted until January 2012. More than two-thirds of the country (77 provinces and over 20,000 square kilometers of farmland) along the Mekong and Chao Phraya River were flooded and declared as flood disaster zones.


Based on assesments made by the MERCY Malaysia team, it was determined that the community needed access to clean drinking water as a priority. MERCY Malaysia in partnership with REEDA, FOPDEV and the Provincial Red Cross of Chainat engaged in a post-flood recovery project providing water filtration systems for the worst affected villages in the Singburi and Chainat provinces. A total off 11 water filtration systems were installed in public areas of the villages: 6 in Chainat and 5 in Singburi. The water filtration systems were officially handed over to the community on 10 August 2012 MERCY Malaysia continues to work with the local community on the maintenance and quality of the systems.