Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Project in Jaffna District, the Northern Province, Sri Lanka

Project Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Project in Jaffna District, the Northern Province, Sri Lanka

• To ensure community members have proper access to sanitation facilities • To minimise the risk of outbreaks of communicable disease among the community members

Project Partners • Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA) • Ministry of Health and Nutrition, Sri Lanka • Regional Directorate of Health Services in Jaffna, Sri Lanka • Jaffna University, Community Medicine Faculty • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia

• Construction and renovation of wells • Hygiene programme • Establishment of a Sustainable Community Healthcare Committee

Locations Navalady Village, Ariyalai East, Nallur DS Division, Jaffna District, Sri Lanka
Period February – August 2011

• 15 wells repaired • 31 wells cleaned • Distribution of hygiene kits along with a hygiene education programme to 140 households • Setting up of a community healthcare committee (community health issues, communicable diseases, family healthcare and reproductive healthcare.

Upon returning to the villages, proper medical care is not
the only thing lacking for the villagers as viable water
source is also scarce. Villagers have no choice but to
walk around at least 300 meters to find badly damaged
common wells to fetch water for drinking, cooking and
bathing. This is especially difficult for female-headed
households, the disabled and the elderly.

MERCY Malaysia efforts
In order to check waterborne diseases that are rampant
in this area due to poor well conditions, MERCY Malaysia
worked very closely with the Consortium of Humanitarian
Agencies (CHA), as well as the University of Jaffna to
repair and renovate wells, besides to train the community
in best hygiene practices. MERCY Malaysia’s health
education “training-of-trainers” modules have ensured
that the understanding of disease prevention and healthy
living will be consolidated in the Navarlady community.