Winter kit distribution

Project Winter kit distribution

To provide appropriate winter clothing for the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) of the Kurdish Region

Project Partners Help The Needy

• Conducted needs assessments • Identified the urgent needs for winter kits, hygiene kits an water tanks

Locations Sulaymaniah City • Dokan • Rabarin • Arbat
Period November 2014

Distributed winter kits to 400 registered families (1,742 people) • Distributed 180 hygiene kits • Purchased a 5,000 litre water tank and two ready-made toilets for IDPs living in host communities


MERCY Malaysia’s Regional Director Tuan Hj. Norazam Ab Samah and Head of Volunteer Management Department, Shah Fiesal Hussain travelled to the Kurdish Region in Iraq to conduct a needs assessment of the Iraqi Internally Displaced People (IDPs). Violent conflict since June 2014 between armed opposition groups (including the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL)) and government forces have displaced over 1.8 million people. In the Kurdish region alone, there are 480,000 IDPs who were in desperate need of winter kits, hygiene supplies, medical relief and shelter. Winter season temperatures in the Kurdish region can range from 5°C to as low as -16°C in mountainous areas.


The MERCY Malaysia team together with local partners, Help The Needy (a United Kingdom registered charity) travelled to Sulamaniyah City, Dokan, Rabarin and Arbat to conduct need assessments. The team identified an urgent need for winter kits, hygiene kits, water tanks and proper toilets as hundreds of IDPs were living in makeshift host communities, using wood to keep warm and boil water – which was in scarce supply. In Sulaymaniyah, Arbat and Dokan, 400 registered families (1,742 people) were given winter kits consisting of four blankets and one gas heater in each kit. In Arbat and Dokan, MERCY Malaysia distributed 180 hygiene kits, each kit covering a family of four people. In Arbat only, MERCY Malaysia purchased a 5,000 litre water tank and two ready-made toilets for IDPs living in host communities. The needs assessment highlighted the serious situation many IDPs were living in and the great need for humanitarian assistance. Iraq remains as a high security country, however in partnership with local actors such as Help The Needy, MERCY Malaysia was able to gain access to a large percentage of the affected community . It is MERCY Malaysia’s goal to continue assisting Iraqi IDPs as much as possible.