Zamzam Basic Health Centre

Project Zamzam Basic Health Centre

The goal of this project is to reduce mortality and morbidity rate among internally displaced people (IDP) in Zamzam camp by:
– Providing IDPs with proper health assistance and services to sustain a basic standard of health
– To fill the gap in the health sector due to insufficient NGO participation and influx of IDPs in the area
– To promote hygiene and health awareness among the IDPs

Project Partners State Ministry of Health, WHO, UNICEF & UNFPA

– Provision of preventive curative services, including antenatal and postnatal care, deliveries and referrals for the obstetric complications, family planning, care and information regarding sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS, EPI vaccination for children and women of childbearing age
– Procurement of medical supplies
– Health education for women on the importance of vaccinating children against common childhood diseases and the health benefits of breast feeding, ante natal and postnatal consultation service
– Safe Delivery service
– Vaccination service

Locations North Darfur - Zam Zam Camp
Period January to June 2013

– Number of patient treated 2013 – 45410
– Total of ANC visits -3210
– Referred cases – 161
– Child vaccinated – 1658


Tagged by the United Nations as the ‘vimmid’s greatest humanitanan crisis ever; the internal armed conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan began in 2003 and has led to a state of emergency. Population displacements and the suspension of most livelihood activities has been a feature as a result of this internal conflict Many are forced to flee from their homes and millions are living in displacement camps.


MERCY Malaysia had previously established a Basic Health Centre (BHC) which provides healthcare services in the Zam Zam Camp, located about 15 km south of Elfasher. MERCY Malaysia’s North Darfur Health Programme focused on improving the healthcare of internally displaced people Ones) to reduce the morbidity and mortality rate among the community.

MERCY Malaysia’s basic health centre has been providing the full range of primary health care (PHC) and reproductive health services, seven hours a day, six days a week for the whole Zam Zam camp population. MERCY Malaysia has a stand-by vehicle as an ambulance service from 9:30am to 3:30pm to refer emergency cases to either El Father Teaching Hospital or El Father Maternity Hospital which includes a Fistula Care Centre. After the routine activities during the day, there are night health services which begin at 4:00 pm and runs to the next morning, supported by an ambulance service_ We have continued with the full range of PHC elements which as a result maintains the most communicable diseases below the emergency threshold.

Zam Zam is the biggest Camp in North Darfur with a population of 198,000, hence force the health facilities in the area face constraints and pressure due to the large number of medical attention and cases.

Mobile Clinic

MERCY Malaysia also runs mobile clinics in the margin sites of the camp to provide access to healthcare in the areas far from health facilities.

A: Bane & lades waiting to he saved at S camp