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On 2nd of August 2014 (the 27th day of the aggression), Israeli warplanes targeted the main administration building of the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG). Meeting rooms and other oces were also destroyed, and surrounding buildings were badly damaged. In addition, some of the shelling hit IUG’s Medical Faculty, causing damages to the teaching hospital and medical school. Given IUG’s standing in the Gaza Strip as well as the number of students it serves, it is important that these labs are repaired and become operational in order to continuously enhance the learning experience and environment of aspiring doctors in Gaza. There were also vital issues of safety and security for the labs to be monitored and properly guarded since there are high tendency for break-ins; there are sophisticated and expensive equipment as well as important learning materials kept inside.


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Project MERCY Little Caliph (MLC)
Objectives • To provide children aged between 5 and 10 with pre-school education

• To ensure all children enrolled receive immunization

Project Partners Department of Education
Activities • 30 students completed their early education with a daily nutritional meal

• All students received full vaccination

Locations District 3, Kandahar
Period January-December 2016 (11th year of operations)
Accomplishments • 30 students completed their early education with a daily nutritional meal • All students received full vaccination





The MERCY Little Caliph programme rst started in 2005 at MERCY Malaysia’s Comprehensive Health Centre. Its aim is to provide pre-school education for those aged children between 5 and 10, to both girls and boys to equip them with preschool education and to prepare them for school. Located in the MERCY Malaysia’s Comprehensive Health Clinic building, the school caters to 30 to 60 children annually, providing them with basic language, mathematic skills and also Islamic studies. The syllabus has been approved by the Department of Education. The program also provides these children with vaccination and daily meal supplements and has been ongoing since October 2005.


In total, 345 children have graduated from MERCY Little Caliph since the programme rst started in 2005. In 2016, there were 30 students that have graduated from MERCY Little Caliph. 31 students are currently studying in the center. The students are between the ages of 5 and 10. 25% of the students in this year are from middle class background while 60% and 15% are from poor and very poor backgrounds. 88% of the students come from District 3 Kandahar, where the classes are held, 22% however, come from neighbor District 4, Kandahar.

Emergency healthcare, recovery, rehabilitation and capacity building of Afghan people

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When MERCY Malaysia first entered Afghanistan in 2001, the country was in the throes of a war that forced thousands of Afghan civilians to abandon their homes and seek shelter in relief camps. MERCY Malaysia initially delivered emergency healthcare to the Afghan population and now has moved into recovery, rehabilitation and capacity building with programmes addressing health issues, child and adult education as well as vocational training.

Comprehensive Health Clinic (CHC)
The CHC is the core service for MERCY Malaysia in Afghanistan and marks a milestone in our six years of providing medical relief to the people of Kandahar City. Formerly known as the Mother and Child Healthcare Centre (MCH), the facility was converted to a comprehensive health centre to respond to the pressing needs for healthcare services to be extended to male patients. It administers free medical services to an average of 80 to 90 patients every day.

The upgraded CHC houses a new laboratory which performs tests to detect diseases considered critical in Afghanistan, in particular, tuberculosis and hepatitis B. With this service, patients can benefi t from early intervention and treatment. In its fi rst month of operation, the laboratory carried out 70 tests on various diseases. Other tests available at the laboratory include those for malaria, leishmaniasis, HIV, typhoid and brucellosis. The facilities at the CHC include a labour room, vaccination room, pharmacy, consultation room, female ward, paediatric ward and male ward. It employs a staff of nineteen national staff.

Patients at the CHC are also given basic health and hygiene education prior to their consultation sessions. These talks run for about ten minutes and are conducted three times a day. Some of the topics covered during these sessions include vaccination, breast feeding, tetanus and tuberculosis.

MERCY Little Caliph (MLC)
MLC began as a service to draw patients and women to our clinic and the vocational training centers when it was established in 2003. Now the center has matured into a pre-school which addresses the importance of making education accessible to children from 5 years and above. There are presently 30 pre-school students studying at MERCY Little Caliph. The children are taught Basic English, Basic Pashtoon, Basic Farsi, Introductory Mathematics and Islamic Studies. Under the programme, the children are also provided food and drinks, books and stationery. MLC plays a critical role in building a strong foundation for lifelong learning for the young ones while providing equal access to education for both boys and girls. This programme is run within the premise of the CHC.

Water Sanitation Project
In support of the local governmentʼs drive to ensure that Afghans have access to safe drinking water, MERCY Malaysia funded several well-digging and hand-pump installation projects, especially for schools. Two more hand-pump wells were installed in schools in 2006. The fi rst one was in the Ahmad Shahi High School which has a student population of 678. The installation of the hand-pump well for the Zainab Middle School began on December 26 and is expected to be completed by January 2007.


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The tsunami of Boxing Day 2004 left much of Banda Aceh in ruins. As part of its rebuilding and rehabilitation efforts in post-tsunami Aceh, MERCY Malaysia decided to reconstruct the building that housed the Faculty of Education, UNSYIAH and convert it to the Tsunami Resource Centre. The centre, which was handed over officially in a ceremony on July 3, 2007, aims to act as an education tool to teach all levels of society about disaster preparedness, disaster risk management and potential threats. The project was funded by the Force of Nature Foundation.

MERCY Malaysia also provides support to Syiah Kuala University in the form of developing a module for disaster management education. The module will be completed in 2008, after which it will be used to educate students at the university’s Faculty of Education

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