As a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, MERCY Malaysia relies solely on funding and donations from organisations, corporations and individuals to continue our work. No matter how big or small, your contribution can make a difference in someone’s life.

All cash donations are tax-deductible (applicable only to donations made within Malaysia). If you do not receive your tax-exemption receipt within 2 weeks of your contribution, please notify us at


MERCY Malaysia India COVID-19 Fund

The second wave of the COVID-19 infections in India has recorded more than 400,000 cases over the past two weeks showing the severity of the crisis not only for this South Asian country, but potential disruption to the stability of the COVID-19 pandemic management efforts globally.

Mindful of the speed and scale of response required, MERCY Malaysia is launching the MERCY Malaysia India COVID-19 Fund to help them contain this “human catastrophe”.

We urgently need your support to deliver life-saving aid to India.

You may channel your donation to
MERCY Humanitarian Fund
MBB 5621 7950 4126
Swift Code: MBBEMYKL
Ref: COVID-19 India

MERCY Malaysia
CIMB 8000-7929-08
Swift Code: CIBBMYKL
Ref: COVID-19 India

Together we stand in solidarity during this global crisis.


As part of our Humanitarian Accountability Framework, we subscribe to the principles of financial transparency. Our audited financial statements are published in our Annual Report, and we hold ourselves accountable to our donors and beneficiaries.

Total expenditure by services for 2019:

Medical & Health Related 61%
Shelter & Settlement 11%
Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene 12%
Food Security & Nutrition 2%
Disaster Preparedness 14%


Can I donate goods, such as clothing and blankets, to help people affected by disasters?

We do not encourage contributions in-kind, largely because of the substantial cost of shipping goods and cost of storage at the disaster location.

With cash donations, MERCY Malaysia is able to purchase supplies in local regions or closer to the affected areas. This ensures that donation from the public is channeled to the people who need it most, and not utilised unnecessarily to cover logistic costs such as transportation, fuel and warehouse space rental. Purchasing goods at the affected region also helps to stimulate the local economy of the people affected by the disaster, and helps them rebuild their life faster.

What is the currency used for online donations to MERCY Malaysia?

All transactions will be in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR). However, if you are a non-Malaysian credit cardholder, you will be charged according to your base currency at the prevailing rate set by your credit card company.

I don’t have a Malaysian bank account. Can I still donate online to MERCY Malaysia?

Yes.We welcome donations from all. If you do not have a Malaysian bank account for online banking, you can donate with your credit card. Please note that you will be charged according to your base currency at the prevailing rate set by your credit card company.

Is there a minimum donation amount for a single online transfer?

No. You can donate any amount through our online payment gateway. However, we have a certain administrative cost that needs to be maintained (postage, notification systems etc). We request your consideration on an appropriate donation amount if you would like a tax-exemption receipt.

Is there a maximum transaction limit for a single online transfer?

No. You may donate any amount through our online payment gateway. However, depending on your method of payment, there may be a maximum limit per transaction determined by your credit card limit, or financial institution.

How can I donate?

  1. Credit card (MASTERCARD & VISA) via iPay88 (
  2. Online transfer to:
    MERCY Malaysia
    CIMB (8000-7929-08)
    MERCY Humanitarian Fund
    MBB (5621-7950-4126)
  3. Cash or Cheque (payable to MERCY Malaysia or MERCY Humanitarian Fund) delivered to our office.

For cash donations or direct transfer into our account, please fax or email us your remittance slip and include your personal details (name, address, phone number) should you wish to claim tax-exempt receipts.

Does MERCY Malaysia accept cheques?

Yes.Crossed cheque should be made payable to MERCY MALAYSIA or MERCY HUMANITARIAN FUND. You can submit the cheque by hand, mail it to us at our office address, or bank-in directly to our account as highlighted above.

Can I use my debit card to pay donation online?

Yes. As long as the card bears a Visa or MasterCard logo, ipay88 will be able to process your donation.

Can I use my prepaid Visa card & MasterCard?

Yes. As long as the card bears a Visa or MasterCard logo, ipay88 will be able to process your donation.

Do I have to pay for bank or card company fees in addition to the ipay88 transaction fee?

Technical and Security Concerns

I’m donating using my credit card. Can I trust your site to keep my information secure?

Yes. We do not view or capture your credit card details.

All payment transactions are handled by iPay88, which has put in place various security requirements and compliance guidelines to curb fraudulent transactions from occurring.iPay88 complies with PCI Data Security Standard and Malaysia Payment System Act.

On our part, our donation page is hosted on a secure server to ensure integrity of data and security of your transaction.

Why does it say “” on my credit card statement?

This happens because all payments are processed by iPay88, thus the transaction will appear as “” or “ Sdn. Bhd.” on your credit card statement. Other payment methods such as local online banking are also processed by iPay88.

When I click on the button "Credit Card Payment with iPay88", nothing happens after that. Why?

Please examine the settings of your internet browser to verify if the pop-up blocker is turned on. Please ensure that the pop-blocker is turned off. For Internet Explorer users, go to Tools->Pop-Up Blocker->Turn-Off Pop-Up Blocker.
If the problem persists, kindly email or call 03-22614668. International customers may call +603-22614668

Cancellation and refund

I donated the wrong amount through the online payment gateway. Can I cancel my donation and get a refund?

Yes. Please notify us immediately after the remittance is made, as we need to do the required bank reconciliation before processing your refund. If a tax-exempt receipt has been issued, our policy is to refund the donation only upon receiving the original copy of the tax-exempt receipt and performing the bank reconciliation.

Tax Exemption Receipt (Malaysian Donors Only)

Is my donation tax-exempted?

If you are a Malaysian citizen, you are entitled to tax exemption for all cash donations as defined under sub-section 44 (6) of Income Tax Act 1967, Government Gazette: 5879

Is there a minimum amount of donation required for me to be eligible for tax-exemption?

No. You are free to donate as much or as little an amount, and still be entitled to a tax-exempt receipt. However, please note that we have a certain level of administrative cost that needs to be maintained (postage, notification systems etc), as such we require your consideration on the appropriate amount should you wish to claim tax-exemption.

Is there a maximum limit of donation amount for me to be eligible for tax-exemption?

No. You are free to donate as much or as little an amount, and still be entitled to a tax-exempt receipt.
However, for donations above RM5,000 in a single receipt, we are required to declare to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia, and as such we will require additional details from you:



What information do you need from me if I want to get a tax-exempt receipt for my donation?

We need to have your full name (as required to be written on the tax-exempt receipt), and mailing address to post the receipt to. We also collect your email address and phone number to follow up on your receipt if necessary.

How long will it take for me to receive my tax-exempt receipt?

You should receive your tax-exempt receipt within 2 weeks of us receiving your notification(together with proof of payment)via fax or email. Do notify us if this has not happened and we will attend to your request immediately. Please note that in the event of a disaster, there may be some delays due to the volume of transactions that we receive.

I donated to MERCY Malaysia some time ago. Is there a time limit if I want to claim my tax-exempt receipt?

We will issue tax-exempt receipt as per request, as long as the transaction and your request date occurred within the same calendar year.

I lost the original tax-exempt receipt that you have issued. Can I get another copy from MERCY Malaysia?

We can only issue a certified true copy receipt to replace the receipt that you have lost. Please note that to minimise our administrative cost (postage, notification systems etc), we will only allow a one-time issuance of replacement receipts.
For enquiries not addressed in the FAQ, please get in touch with us via our online contact form, or drop an email to