ZAKAT@Mercy 2020 Year End Promo


Feed the world’s poor and hungry for the sake of humanity. #zakat@MERCY


Zakat for Humanity

We are at the start of a tremendous journey and hope to harness the potential scale and transformational social impact of Zakat. #zakat@MERCY


Zakat for Refugees

The involvement of MERCY Malaysia in Zakat collection and distribution is an important step forward for the Zakat industry in improving the overall humanitarian impact of Zakat funds. Increasingly, leading humanitarian organizations are striving to support the development of the Zakat industry, notably through Zakat-related initiatives involving UNDP, UNRWA and UNHCR. These organizations have established mechanisms to efficiently identify and support the most vulnerable persons on a global scale. #zakat@MERCY


Zakat On Livelihood

Zakat is not limited to providing subsistence living for the poor but it rather aims at enriching them. It works as a social charitable giving tool, and if managed properly, the recipients can establish for themselves small ventures to meet their subsistence needs. #zakat@MERCY