MERCY Malaysia began as a medical relief society in 1999, and although the organisation is well-known for its emergency relief efforts, capacity development projects relating to health services are also provided well after the onset of any disaster, as well as reaching out to vulnerable communities throughout the year.

Primary Healthcare and Dental Clinic

Our mobile clinics provide free basic medical check-ups and basic dental treatment to vulnerable communities as well as the underprivileged. Medication is given free of charge, and visits are provided regularly to ensure continuity of service and follow-ups.

Locally, we provide regular clinics to the Nur Salam centre, the Orang Asli settlement in Belum, and we also collaborate with Agensi Anti Dadah Kerajaan to provide services for former drug users.

Cleft Lip and Palate Project (CLIPP)

The CLIPP programme is a capacity development project which aims to provide free reconstructive surgery to treat and correct cleft lip and palate defects among the underprivileged population.

Cleft lip/palate is a congenital deformity formed before birth during the gestation period. Clefts are a major problem in developing countries, where there are millions of children as well as adults who are suffering from unrepaired clefts. They are often subjected to social stigma and some live a life filled with isolation and shame.

Currently CLIPP projects are on-going in Bangladesh and Malaysia. In Bangladesh, the programme also aims to provide training of staff and to assist the hospital in establishing a centre for reconstructive surgery.

Reproductive Health

For pregnant women in vulnerable communities -especially in remote areas- specific needs relating to their health (and the health of their unborn babies) may not be met because of various factors such as lack of facilities or lack of skilled staff.

MERCY Malaysia provides reproductive health services through mobile clinics, as well as other capacity development projects such as supplying medical equipment and training for ultrasound technicians.


Cataract is a condition which afflicts the eye, where the lens becomes cloudy and vision becomes limited or severely impaired. Cataract tends to be prevalent among the aged, and in vulnerable communities, especially in remote areas, optical services are constrained by lack of facilities or lack of skilled staff.

MERCY Malaysia provides optical services through mobile clinics, as well specific cataract camps focused on conducting surgeries for cataract sufferers.

Psychosocial Intervention

In times of disaster, the mental health of the affected population may not be seen as immediate need if compared with physical injuries. However, traumatised survivors need emotional support and guidance in the aftermath of a disaster, and MERCY Malaysia assists by providing psychosocial intervention from skilled volunteers.

Emergency Response Unit

MERCY Malaysia has long been involved in rapid emergency medical response during the acute early emergency phase of disasters and complex emergencies. The development of the Emergency Response Unit aims at achieving faster and better quality deployment through good planning and preparedness.